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How to auto-compound Convex rewards & bribes using Union

Rising Ethereum gas costs, CVX locker dilution and an increasing amount of different Votium reward tokens makes it harder and harder for the small-time player to join in on the Votium pool parties and make a profit.

Now there’s an answer. The Llama airforce union!

This strategy will allow you to simplify your life, forward your bribes to be auto-sold into cvxCRV and then autocompounded at over 60% APY!

Convex Finance links:

• My deep dive on $CVX: https://lttlmg.ht/convex
• Delegate your locked $CVX to Votium here: votium.app
• Check $ per vlCVX here: http://Llama.airforce
lttlmg.ht/ledger — hardware wallet I use
• can buy CVX on crypto.com now, get $25 free https://lttlmg.ht/cryptocom

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