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Turn Your “Product” Into a Real Business & The 3 Product “Tiers”

How do you go from a product, to an actual business? In this video I dive into product tiers, and how to use them to create products, and start your next business!

There are three distinct product tiers that when you understand these, your entire perception of product development changes. 

Let me tell you what they are…


These are stand-alone products that solve a core problem in your brand’s space. 

People will search you out for these products specifically.

At BestSelf Co. these products include the Self Journal, our discovery decks and the Weekly Action Pad. 


Only exist because of Tier A products. Tier B products heighten the user-experience; helping to make a customer’s experience of your Tier A products even better. 

An example being the Self Shield. 


Are all those nice-to-have branded stuff that no one new to the brand is going to be searching for, but people who love your brand might want to buy. 

Watch the full video to learn more!

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